We can consider others first because Christ considered us

Big Idea: God's gospel makes you (and I) magnificent ministers of mercy

Salvation sweetens our life and death 1. Paul is sure of coming salvation in life or death (1:18b-26) 2. Paul encourages the Philippians to stand firm...View Details

God uses bad circumstances to spread his good news 1. The Gospel’s advance in Paul’s imprisonment (1:12-14) 2. The Gospel’s advance in a divided churc...View Details

Gospel partnerships invite us to see the grace of God anew 1. Paul’s Greeting to the Philippians (1:1-2) 2. Paul's Thankful Prayer's for the Philippia...View Details

God waits to judge to give time for repentance 1. Scoffers will Question God's Judgment (2 Pet. 3:1-7) 2. God is Patient AND Just (2 Pet. 3:8-10) 3. G...View Details

False teachers are enslaved and use their platform to enslave others 1. The Character of False Teachers (2:10-16) 2. The Effects of False Teachers (2:...View Details

1. How much do you love God? 2. How much have you been forgiven of?

God will judge false teachers and deliver His faithful people The False Words of False Teachers (2:1-3) The True Judgment of God (2:4-10a)

Christian hope hangs upon God's revelation of Himself 1. Peter was witness to Jesus' Majesty (1:16-18) 2. We have the prophets’ word confirmed (1:19-2...View Details

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