God brings judgment to establish salvation Israel's Indictment (1:1-20) God's Coming Redemption (1:21-31)

The Christian presses on to claim what has already been freely given Paul's Exemplary Mindset (3:12-16) Paul's Exemplary Walk (3:17-19) The Christian'...View Details

We serve Christ by considering how Christ can be treasured in others

Finding a joyful life in a wicked world requires faith in a God who works in our working

We can consider others first because Christ considered us

Big Idea: God's gospel makes you (and I) magnificent ministers of mercy

Salvation sweetens our life and death 1. Paul is sure of coming salvation in life or death (1:18b-26) 2. Paul encourages the Philippians to stand firm...View Details

God uses bad circumstances to spread his good news 1. The Gospel’s advance in Paul’s imprisonment (1:12-14) 2. The Gospel’s advance in a divided churc...View Details

Gospel partnerships invite us to see the grace of God anew 1. Paul’s Greeting to the Philippians (1:1-2) 2. Paul's Thankful Prayer's for the Philippia...View Details

God waits to judge to give time for repentance 1. Scoffers will Question God's Judgment (2 Pet. 3:1-7) 2. God is Patient AND Just (2 Pet. 3:8-10) 3. G...View Details

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