Our discussion on Communion with God continues as we look at union with Christ in Colossians 3:1-4. We have access to the Father through our union wit...View Details

Guest speaker Marco Rankin walks us through the pilgrimage, patience, power, and positivism of faith in Hebrews 11:8-16

As we begin discussing how union with Christ affects our Communion with God, we turn to Romans 6 and see our union with Christ in faith means that we ...View Details

As we discuss Communion with God, we start by understanding our obstacles to communing with Him. Here we find that Jesus’ voice calls us out of sinful...View Details

As we begin our "Union" series, we start with Psalm 73 where we find that God is good in His nearness

Genesis 18 and 19 record one formative 24-hour stint in the life of Abraham in which God teaches him concerning righteousness and justice. Big Idea= G...View Details

As God confirms His covenant with Abraham we see that He has a plan for the future. Big Idea=We participate in the promises made to our father Abraham...View Details

In Genesis 16 we hear the story of the birth of Ismael and see that God heart the broken-hearted

Ryan Filbrun brings a message from Genesis 15 where we see God's promise is through grace alone (v. 1-3), by faith alone (v. 4-6), in Christ alone (v....View Details

This week in Genesis brings us to Genesis 13-14 where we see that When the Creator God promises blessing, His blessing is all we need

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