A message from Jesse Leightenheimer on Eph. 1:15-23

Brian Spirito preaches from 2 Peter 1 where we see that We grow by knowing God's promises. VV 1-4 – God granted and promised us all things VV 5-9 – Gr...View Details

Glen South brings a message from John 3; -A Pressing Question (v. 1-2) -A Perplexing Response (v. 3-15) -A Problem Remedied (v. 9-15) -A Power Unleash...View Details

God will graciously exalt those who humbly trust Him Humble yourselves... so you can be exalted  (5:6-7) Be sober-minded... so the devil doesn't destr...View Details

Grace-filled churches consist of humble people  1. Elders, shepherd! (v. 1-4) 2. Members, submit! (v. 5a) 3. Everyone, be humble! (v. 5b)

Our Suffering reveals our true hope Christians Should Anticipate Suffering (v. 12-16) The Ungodly Should Anticipate Judgment (v. 17-18) We must trust ...View Details

The Christ—vv. 1–6 The Conversation—vv. 7–15  The Character—vv. 16–26

Ryan Filbrun unpacks 1 Peter 4:1-11 and sees temporal suffering and eternal hope

Jesus has subjected all things to Himself… so we should be too Bless others to receive blessing (v. 8-12) Bless others to bring shame (v. 13-17) Jesus...View Details

Husbands and Wives should push for a Spirit-led husband Wives, Foster a Spiritual Husband (3:1-6) Husbands, Foster Prayer by Understanding and Honorin...View Details

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