*parts of the audio file are missing, but the audio begins near the beginning of the point #1 Future hope drives present-day holiness 1. Set Your Hop...View Details

Salvation belongs to the Lord - who predicts, causes, sustains, and rewards our faith. 1. He Provides Faith (1:3-5) 2. He Proves Faith (1:6-9) 3. He ...View Details

Exiles need other-worldly promise of grace and peace 1. Who is Peter (1a) 2. To whom is Peter writing? (1b-2a) 3. What does Peter hope for his recipie...View Details

A life of faith combats death, division, and all the world’s brokenness

Jesus is the resurrection to be believed in

Brian Spirito presents a Christ in Psalm 103: 1. Christ corrects the selfish and heals the sick (vs 1-3)2. Christ frees the imprisoned and oppressed (...View Details

Psalm 77

Jesus addresses our despair and difficulty

The servant of God trusts the promises of God amidst both blessing & difficulty

God pursues His people through providential means

Because Jesus Christ is exalted we can be humble

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