Archive for April 2020

Our series in Genesis continues as we hear the account of God's call to Abraham. Here, we find God is even faithful to those who falter in faith

Here the story of the beginning of Gospel Community as told by those who were involved

As we come to Genesis 11 and 12 we see that God divides the nations to make room for His blessing

Our message from Resurrection Sunday from John 20:1-31 that shows Jesus' resurrection demands that we see and believe

Brian Spirito brings us a message for Palm Sunday from John 12

As we study Gen. 9:18-10:32 we find that selfishness leads to subjugation

Our Series in Genesis continues in Genesis 8:20-9:17 where we see that God delights to show Himself Merciful

Guest preacher Josh Stahley brings us a message from Luke 24:36-49

Our sermon from Genesis 4:17-5:32 in our series on the book of Genesis. This time we see that Those who know God walk with Him

In Genesis 3:1-13 we see that disobedience to God's word leads to fear, guilt, and shame

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